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We welcome you to our website and invite you to peruse all our different website tabs, sections, and information, which we hope will inspire you to choose to become a part of our growing family of contributing writers and authors.

Our stated goal is to provide a wide variety of anthology projects to help new writers and established authors, whether popular or lesser known, to have an outlet to publish their contributed Work in short forms, such as Poems or Short Story content, which would not, when standing on their own, entail enough words to allow their Work to be affordably published as a standard size book.

Thus far we've been able to provide all our anthology projects and services at zero cost to the contributing writers and authors and we hope to be able to continue to do so for many years to come.

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Here in our About Us section you're able to read Our History, as told by our Founder and present Chief Executive Manager, Dave Meisburger. 

The News & Updates tab could also be termed as being our blog, as it will receive the majority of our updates in a progressive format by posting date, so we encourage you to check in there often.

Under our Projects section you can track the various anthology and related projects from their conception, to their current status, through their lengthy publication process and eventual release and sale offerings on both and the Barnes & Noble websites, and for dealers, their availability on Ingram.

Our Books tab is an easy locator for you where you can find the book title and author of our anthology projects and affiliated works. By clicking on a published book title you'll be whisked away into a new browser window to where you can check out individual book information and make purchases.

When we begin to have our books transcribed into an audio format our Audiobooks tab will also act as a separate locator.

As we're notified about website, book, or writer/author Raves & Reviews we'll happily post them here.

In our Links section, we now offer all our contributing writers and authors the opportunity to have us post their individual links for directing people to their individual Facebook page, personal website, and their various book offerings on

Our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section is where we shall endeavor to provide standard answers to the most common questions we receive to help newcomers to our website and its various projects become better informed.

Under our Online Store tab you'll be able to make purchases of exclusive products which are offered only through our website, be they promotional items or more.

And of course our Contact Us page is where you'll find our official email address.

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In closing, should a particular project call to you as a writer or author, please contact us, even if it should be one that isn't presently offered, as we shall always endeavor to keep an open mind and are quite willing to add to our anthology projects collection. Thank you once again for visiting our website and sharing your ideas and suggestions on how we may better serve you.

Dave Meisburger, CEM, Anthology Works LLC