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Wag the Tale - Children's Story Anthology - Volume 1

by Anthology Works LLC


While this project has been temporarly suspended, we shall continue to accept submissions for this Children's Story Anthology Book project and will do so until our submittal goal is reached.

Any and all forms of new, original, illustrated children's stories will be accepted for submission.

As with most children's books the issue of being illustrated ranks just as high in importance as do the individual stories, so artistic people that are willing to write, and writers that happen to also be artistic, will be given primary consideration as all stories to be published will be required to be illustrated in the writers choice of Full Color or B&W. Due to the nature of children liking to view larger images and print, this book is being planned as a coffee table keepsake edition of an 8.5" x 11" size and will contain up to 50 individual children's stories.

All stories contained within this anthology will be required to be illustrated in the writers choice of Full Color or B&W and MUST be submitted in an Adobe .pdf format, with each illustration able to be attached separately, should our page design staff have an issue with utilizing an individual illustration. At the moment there are NO limitations on word or page content as each story submittal shall be accepted or rejected based upon its own individual content merits.

NOTE - Writers are NOT being required to do their own illustrations, however, fully illustrated stories shall be given a higher degree of consideration for publication purposes than those submitted with illustrations absent.

To express your interest in participating in this project, whether as a contributing writer or illustrator, please email our Wag the Tale Project Director, Dave Meisburger, at:




Cover Design by Stan Tumilowicz