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Q: How long should I anticipate your indefinite temporary publishing moratorium to last?

A: There is no firm, definite answer that we can project for you at this time. However, our CEM, Dave Meisburger, anticipates that it shall last for a minimum of six months duration, from March 1, 2019 through September 1, 2019. As this remains a fluid decision, this website and our contributing writers and supporters will be kept abreast of any new updates.


Q: How can I get an autographed book?

A: The most obvious would be if you could simply attend a book signing being conducted by one or more of our contributing writers/authors. Or you can also contact us about which book(s) you would like to have inscripted and signed and by which writer, as we'll happily pass along your request to the appropriate person/parties. It's also possible that you may find Autographed books for purchase on various commercial websites, such as or


Q: Can I submit a written Work for consideration in a planned Anthology Works LLC project?

A: Certainly! However, we recommend that you email us of your interest BEFORE submitting any written Work and we'll be happy to advise you about which project(s) we have planned which your Work may be best suited for, as well as the proper format to submit it in.


Q: Is there a cost involved in making a submission to one of your anthology projects, or to my submission being printed in one of your anthology project books?

A: Fantastic question! To date we've been able to offer everyone making a submission the opportunity to do so for FREE! Also, if your submission is approved to be included within one of our published anthology projects, again, that is accomplished at OUR cost, NOT YOURS! So unless you choose to make a book purchase for a published anthology project that your work is included in, you shall incur ZERO cost for making a submission or becoming a published writer. Our goal is to offer ALL writers the opportunity to become published within one of our published anthology projects AND cover all publishing costs from our end, with the only concern for the writers themselves be to write as freely and creatively as possible.


Q: I don't see an anthology project listing that I'm interested in, can I suggest a new anthology project to you?

A: Absolutely! Although please keep in mind that we'll need enough contributing writers/authors to also have an interest similar to yours to collect enough content to fill an entire book, we're always interested in hearing ideas about developing new projects!


Q: What type of written Work submittal formats do you accept?

A: We prefer all submittals to be emailed to us as attachments in MS Word, however, we also accept Work as an Adobe .pdf if there is a structure or style which we need to follow that may not survive the email process intact in MS Word. Note that they must be email ATTACHMENTS and not embedded within the body of an email itself, such as a cloud-based link, which is wholly unacceptable to us.


Q: If I submit my written Work to you, how do I know you won't use it without my permission?

A: We only utilize written Work that is approved by us for publication and authorized by the original writer/author by way of a written Publishing Agreement that has been duly executed by them in front of a Notary Public, with the original copy then being mailed to us, then duly executed here by our CEM, Dave Meisburger, with the original document to be retained in our office files and a copy of the fully executed Publishing Agreement returned by mail to the original writer/author. All submitted content which is NOT authorized for publication in that official manner will be held on file until the event that our stance on publishing it changes, or, until we're notified by the original writer/author to delete their submission(s) from our storage files.


Q: I'm a minor (not yet age 18) and was told that you accept submissions from minors, is this correct?

A: Yes! However, we do need to have on file in our office a written authorization from you and at least one of your birth parents, a foster parent, or a legal guardian and a notary public authorizing us to consider your submission(s) for potential publication. NOTE - The Submission Approval Agreement does NOT authorize us to actually publish your submission, as should your submission be accepted and approved, a written Publishing Agreement will then need to be duly signed by all representative parties of yourself, as well as at least one of your birth parents, a foster parent, or a legal guardian and a notary public.  Click on the Adobe .pdf link below to open our 2-page Anthology Works LLC official document entitled: Submission Approval Agreement - Minor-Aged Child, then simply print it out and take it, along with a birth parent, foster parent, or legal guardian to have you both execute it (sign it) in front of a notary public. All banks typically have a notary public on staff and usually provide their notary services free of charge. Or you may find one in any attorney's office and at most UPS stores, however, many of those charge a nominal fee for their notary services, unlike most banks which typically offer their services for their banking customers free of charge. 

Submission Approval Agreement – Minor-Aged Child - Adobe .pdf